[Black chicken red dates]_ black chicken _ think _ benefits

[Black chicken red dates]_ black chicken _ think _ benefits

Black chicken and other common chickens have higher nutritional value. Putting together with red dates to make black chicken red date soup is more beneficial. It can strengthen aphrodisiac, improve male sexual function, treat male infertility, lower blood lipids, treatHypertension, delayed aging, liver protection, anti-obese liver, etc.


It has strong aphrodisiac and improves male sexual function. As a tonic and strong agent, it has a very good effect in treating kidney deficiency and liver and kidney disease. It can significantly increase the plasma thyroxine content in the human body and achieve the effect of strengthening aphrodisiac.

It has obvious curative effect on sexual dysfunction.


Treatment of male infertility Lycium barbarum can improve sperm count and sperm motility for oligozoospermia, so it can treat male infertility.


Edible wolfberry with hypolipidemic and high blood pressure can significantly reduce serum hypertension and triglyceride content, prevent and prevent arteriosclerosis, and treat high blood pressure.

It is a good health product for coronary heart patients.


It can effectively delay the debilitating old wolfberry fruit to strengthen the roots, regenerate the essence, nourish the yin and kidney, nourish qi and soothe the nerves, strengthen the body, and slow down the aging medicine. Since ancient times, it has nourished and strengthened and nourished the top grade, effectively enhancing variousVisceral function can improve the function of the brain and fight against free radicals, and has a significant effect on delaying aging.


Has the function of beauty skin Many people do not know that eating wolfberry often can be beauty.

This is because wolfberry can improve the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen, and in addition, it can whiten the skin.

Lycium barbarum has obvious effects on psoriasis, and it also has different effects on other skin diseases.


Lycium barbarum, which has a relief effect on allergic arthritis, has a relief effect on the symptoms of allergic recovery, joint pain and bleeding, and these effects are achieved by regulating endocrine.


It has the effect of protecting liver and resisting liver cancer. Lycium barbarum has the effect of protecting liver and kidney, can inhibit the trace amount of deposition in liver cells, and promote the regeneration of liver cells.


It has the function of lowering blood sugar and treating diabetes. Because wolfberry contains diol derivatives, it can lower blood sugar, so wolfberry can be used as a health product for people with diabetes.


Improving the adaptability of the body The wolfberry can improve the adaptive defense function of the human body, and make people tolerate the harmful stimuli such as hypoxia, cold, and blood loss.