[Effects of wolfberry and red dates soaking in water]_Recommended diet

[Effects of wolfberry and red dates soaking in water]_Recommended diet

  Jujube has a certain beauty and nourishing blood effect, especially as a woman, if every woman eats three red dates a day, her complexion is rosy.

Jujube and wolfberry are put together to play the role of beauty and beauty, improve immunity, the method is relatively simple, just need to put red dates and wolfberry together after washing, and soak in water for a while and you can drink.


Beauty and beauty choose jujube and wolfberry to make tea can play the role of beauty and beauty.

Lycium barbarum is a kind of medicine and health product. It has certain effects on improving the skin, can keep the skin elastic and shiny, and it will become more ruddy with red dates, which will make the skin more beautiful.


Promote hair growth Some people have very slow hair growth. These people can drink some Chinese wolfberry and red date tea. Soaking water in Chinese date and wolfberry can speed up hair growth.

Lycium barbarum has a certain effect of nourishing the kidneys, and at the same time can accelerate blood circulation, providing a favorable environment for hair growth, jujube has the effect of qi, so the combination of red dates and wolfberry can promote hair growth.


Improving immunity Jujube and Chinese wolfberry can nourish qi and blood, can promote blood flow and speed up blood circulation.

Lycium barbarum can nourish the liver and kidney, effectively enhance the body’s energy and vitality, dispel cold and keep warm, and strengthen the body’s ability to keep cold.

Jujube can help protect the liver and liver, and enhance the detoxification function of the body. Drinking jujube and wolfberry in water can effectively enhance the body’s resistance and improve immunity.

  Lycium barbarum and red dates are better health products, and women can usually eat more.

Especially in menstruating women, eating more red dates is good for menstruation, wolfberry has the effect of nourishing kidneys, and in addition to soaking water, it can also be used as soup, and the results are good.