[Is hawthorn a hair product]_Attribute_Efficacy

[Is hawthorn a hair product]_Attribute_Efficacy

There are many ways to eat hawthorn. Eating raw can help digestion, which can lead to canned hawthorn, sweet and sour, and some people are salivating. Hawthorn can also be put in rock sugar gourd, which is very popular in the north. If you want to be healthy, hawthorn can stillDrink with water from a hawthorn.

In theory, hawthorn is not a hair product, but for female friends in special periods, hawthorn is not good for health.

First, due to gender control, the gender of men and women is different, and the attributes of yin and yang are different, each has its own characteristics in physiology and pathology. There are also differences in avoiding the use of “hair” to prevent disease and maintain health.

Women with congenital liver and liver with blood, should eat jujube, hawthorn, tomato and other blood; men with kidney as the root, kidney essence, should eat more black beans, black fungus, cashew nut to kidney.

Men are prosperous, eat less hot things like mutton, pepper, ginger, chives, dog meat, etc., to avoid the “two yang robbing each other” and damage the righteousness.

For women, especially during menstruation and pregnancy, when eating winter melon, green beans, lettuce, hawthorn and other “hair products” with cold and lubricious properties, and beef and mutton that help warm the sun, ginger, etc.For women.

Second, due to physical fitness, “fat” is closely related to personal fitness, and different physical responses to different foods with different tastes are also different.

For example, in the early medical literature on diabetes, Pear talked about its disadvantages but not its advantages.

“Famous Doctors” is recorded as: “Taste is bitter and cold.

It ‘s cold to eat too much.

It can be seen that for those who are physically weak and cold, pears are the cold hair in their mouths.

而今天则认为,梨不但是一种营养丰富的水果, 而且是热病伤津患者的良药, 亦是抗癌防 癌的佳果[3] 。Therefore, according to the difference in constitution, the “fat” should also choose to eat.

体质分类法近年来方兴未艾, 匡调元教授 [4]将体质分为正常质、倦怠质、迟冷质、燥红质、腻滞质和晦涩质等6种类型;[5]将体质分为There are 9 basic types of calmness, qi deficiency, yang deficiency, yin deficiency, phlegm and dampness, damp heat, stasis, qi stagnation, and idiosyncrasy.

Generally speaking, people’s constitution can be divided into cold, hot and neutral.

Those with a cold constitution often experience symptoms such as chills, cold limbs, and pale tongue and white fur; those with a hot constitution often have thirst, five upsets, red tongue, yellow fur, and irritability; those with a neutral constitution often have no obviousCold and hot biased.

First of all, different constitutions, when eating food with opposite taste is better.

Those with a hot constitution can eat more cold hair, such as watermelon, pear, grapefruit, green beans, lettuce, etc .; those with a cold constitution can eat more warm hair,Such as shallots, garlic, dog meat, mutton, orange, jujube, etc .; neutral constitution is not obvious dietary taboos.