[How to make noodles in summer]_in summer_what to do

[How to make noodles in summer]_in summer_what to do

The weather becomes hotter in summer, so when we do anything, it is easy to get rid of it, especially after the flour is synthesized into dough, it may be hard at first, especially elastic, and can be set aside for several hours.You will find that it becomes very soft, as if it melted, so you can’t make it in summer. According to different climates, you can add different ingredients to the churros, so that the churros can be more delicious.


Ingredients: 500 grams of flour; appropriate amount of oil; 500 grams of flour; other suitable seasoning ingredients: Spring and Autumn: Bai Fan (should be next to the word) 15 grams, 10 grams of edible alkali, 8 grams of salt, 300 grams of warm water at 30 degreesSummer: 16 grams of Bai Fan (should be next to the word), 11 grams of edible alkali, 10 grams of salt, 300 grams of warm water at 30 degrees winter: 14 grams of Bai Fan (should be next to the word), 9 grams of edible alkali, 7 grams of salt, 325 grams of 45 degrees warm water.
Preparation method: (1) Put Fan, salt, alkali (in powder form) into the pot, slowly add it, re-dissolve all; add flour, stir gently, and knead until “Sanguang” (ie, light, potLight, hand light); after standing for about 30 minutes, knead again, and repeat this 3 times, until the dough is smooth and smooth, with good deepness, elasticity, elasticity and plasticity; wipe on the place where the dough and the basin contactLubricate, arrange the dough, cover it, and place it for about 4 according to the season (pay attention to heat preservation in winter)?
8 hours.

(2) Brush a layer of oil on the noodle case, buckle the prepared dough upside down on the chopping board, spread it out into a grid, cover with a linoleum, and set aside.

(3) Finish the dough into about 10CM wide and 1CM thick strips, then cut with a top knife into 3CM wide strips, then close each two opposite sides, and press down with chopsticks to make the two stick together., Hold both ends with both hands and stretch it to 26CM, deep-fry it in the oil pan, turn it around, and see that the fritters are golden yellow, and you can remove them when cooked.