[How to eat raw onion is not spicy]_Onion is not spicy_How to eat raw_Eating method

[How to eat raw onion is not spicy]_Onion is not spicy_How to eat raw_Eating method

The nutritional value of onions is still relatively high. Eating some properly has the effect of improving immunity and certain anti-cancer effects. Regular consumption is good for the body. The nutritional value of raw food is relatively high. AvoidHeating leads to loss of nutrients, and it is easy to cause the eye condition of onions when eaten raw. At this time, you can take some small tricks to alleviate this situation, soak it in cold water.

1. Soak the onions in cold water.

Peel the onion first, cut it apart from the middle, and soak it in cold water for about 20 minutes in advance. When you cut it, you won’t have spicy eyes.

2. Freeze the onions in the refrigerator.

You can put the onions in the refrigerator in advance, if necessary, you can freeze them in the freezer for a few minutes, and you wo n’t have spicy eyes when you cut them out.

3. Turn on the range hood.

When cutting the onion, you can turn on the hood near the hood, so that the spicy taste will be drawn out directly, and the eyes will not be spicy when cut.

4. Hold your breath and twist to the side.

Hold your breath while cutting the onion, and turn your head to the side, you will not be affected by the onion steam, which can prevent the eyes from being spicy, but this does require a certain amount of endurance and technology.

Onion is warm and sweet.

Can promote digestion, have bactericidal, lower blood sugar, lower blood lipid function, cardio-cerebral vascular disease, hypertension people eat onions are good, the most important thing is that the antioxidants contained in onions enhance the vitality of cells, thereby anti-cancer anti-aging effect.

Contraindications: pruritus of skin, eye disease, and cautious eating in patients with stomach problems.

Suitable crowd: the general population races.

Particularly suitable for patients with cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis.